• Image of Superior T-shirt

Many people have asked me if I would create a T-shirt to show support for the new book Superior: The return of race science by Angela Saini.

Not an easy task as I feel it is a topic that should be handled with care. Simply placing the word Superior on a shirt would likely not convey the message it should, even if it would keep the connection to the book clear.

Thinking about the word superior as a label for people I kept circling back to how misplaced it is to claim to be superior. This led to the concept of a literal misplaced label. I hope the odd placement will raise questions and give the wearer the opportunity to start a conversation and that armed with knowledge from the book they will be able to change a few hearts and minds.

The labels are hand stitched on and reinforced with fabric glue.
The standard placement is as per the example image, other placements are possible, just email me your wishes.
Due to them being hand finished the shipping times may vary. Please be patient :)

The shirts are machine washable at low temperatures.
The patch can not be ironed, the paint will discolour on touch and melt at longer exposure.

50% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity to be decided on once a year in January.
Please share your suggestions for which charity you believe is making a difference.

W shirts: 100% combed 115gr. Fine Jersey Women’s shirt with rolled sleeves. Bit of a loose but tailored fit.
C shirts: 100% Organic Cotton Jersey 155 g/m2 with rolled sleeves. Bit of a loose fit.

Much Love,